Sunny Kwok


8 years of production architecting experiences on AWS for various famous brands like Nike and Coca-Cola.

Skill Set


With a master’s degree in Computer Science (Distinction), I am familiar with MVC programming in PHP and also use the shell script to automate any manual process. Python is also my favorite for serverless application and machine learning.


Following the best practices can ensure a stable and secure environment for the application. Monitoring and common attack mitigation are recommended. For example, monitor the web traffic and use the access log to auto-generate the rate limit rules to block the suspicious DDoS attacker.


I started my career as a Network Administrator for managing networking and servers in a government organization since 2010. I dig deeply into Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and also computer networking, thus I am skillful in troubleshooting any technical issue in any layers.


Migrating from on-premise to AWS was my first cloud project in 2012. It was a very early successful cloud migration case in Hong Kong indeed. I’ve also done lots of cloud architecting for Coca-Cola, P&G, LG, etc afterward.


Packing the dependencies as a docker image helps to deploy and run the application in any server for the different environments. Moreover, git, unit test, and blue/green deployment in CI/CD pipeline minimize the deployment downtime and error rate in the rapid development circle.

Big Data

I have been using SQL for more than 10 years and also experienced in NoSQL and the key-value store. I build secure, scalable, and cost-effective Hadoop in the cloud as well. CI/CD pipeline reduces lots of manual work and also resources management. The whole pipeline basically inputs any kind of data source and outputs the final result back to the data warehouse.

My Cloud Journey

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