How to learn guitar using computer architecture

I like music but never got the chance to learn guitar or piano before. As a beginner, the most difficult part should be the coordination of both hands. I’ve practiced left hand for press the chords and right hand for strumming respectively, but how to do them at the same time? And even I need to sing it out?

Long ago the CPU only has one core, but it can still run multiple tasks simultaneously using multithreading

Basically, the CPU divided the time into a very small unit, so that the CPU knows each thread should be process or pause at that moment.

In this case, the CPU knows how to handle Thread 1 and 2 like this:

Thread #1Thread #2

If the time unit is small enough, then the overall experience for human being is the single core cpu is processing 2 threads at the same time.

Back to music, if I divide each single action my left hand and right hand need to do to the smallest unit, which is the beat for a song, and do what I need to do for both hands at that beat, I should be able to coordinate both hands. 

I did it slowly first, and when I get used to it I can do it at normal speed, and once I’m familiar with the chord strumming, I can try to add more “threads” like read the lyrics and sing it out. 

Finally, after some months of investigation and practice, I can try to play and sing “Sunny Day” (by Jay Chou) with guitar:

晴天 Sunny Day