Build My Custom Mac


Any custom mac with Hackintosh OS should not be used in the commercial environment, and I have my Macbook Pro for daily work, any hackintosh installation here is just for fun.

My legal MacBook Pro :o)


I have been checking for a few years and installed Mac OS on my old windows laptops (HP ProBook 4230s and Lenovo Y580). The current latest Intel CPU is 7th generation Kaby Lake and it’s actually most likely the same as the 6th generation. Since there is no such Mac product using Kaby Lake CPU, is it possible to build a custom mac desktop that is using Kaby Lake CPU, but spoofed as Sky Lake CPU? Will it work?


The current best graphics card is Nvidia GTX 1080Ti but since no such Nvidia web driver for Pascal series, I would like to use 7700k’s GPU first, and I need to choose a motherboard with a display port for [email protected] output.

CPUIntel i7 7700k
CPU CoolerCooler Master Liquid Pro 120
MotherboardGigabyte Z270x Gaming K5
RAMGeil Evo Forza DDR4 2400 16GB*2 [email protected]
SSDOCZ Agility 3 120G
HDDToshiba DT01ACA300 3TB
Wifi+BluetoothBoardcom BCM94360CS AX/CD
Power Suply UnitCorsair CS550M 550W
MonitorsLG 24UD58 (4k via display port) + Philips 227E6QDSD (1080p via HDMI)
CaseJonsbo UMX4 with customised LED logo
Input DevicesApple Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad

I like this aluminum case because it just likes the real apple style case, and I can also customise the LED logo. It’s like 10kg even it’s empty.

i7 7700K
Nice case with customised LED logo
Boardcom BCM94360CS AX/CD is quite important for Hackintosh to make Bluetooth and WiFi work smoothly.
Installed CPU cooler


You can find lots of useful installation guilds here. Basically I need to:

  • Download Mac OS from the app store
  • Flash Mac OS into a bootable USB drive
  • Tune BIOS setting for Hackintosh
  • Install Mac OS from the USB drive
  • Boot Mac OS from the USB drive, and then install clover bootloader and necessary kext file
  • Boot Mac OS from clover bootloader in Mac OS disk
  • Test and fix any issue

Here is the steps I did for my motherboard:

Save & Exit : Load Optimized Defaults
M.I.T. → Extreme Memory Profile(X.M.P.) : Profile1
BIOS → Fast Boot : Disabled
BIOS → Windows 8/10 Features : Other OS
BIOS → LAN PXE Boot Option ROM : Disabled
BIOS → Storage Boot Option Control : UEFI
Peripherals → Initial Display Output : IGFX or PCIe 1 Slot
Peripherals → Super IO Configuration → Serial Port : Disabled
Peripherals → Network Stack Configuration → Network Stack : Disabled
Peripherals → USB Configuration → XHCI Hand-off : Enabled
Chipset → Vt-d : Disabled
Chipset → Wake on LAN Enable : Disabled
Press F10 to Save and Exit the BIOS

For this case since I spoofed the CPU and the iGPU i7 7700k as i7 6700k, I need to update the clover boot loader a lot for troubleshooting till it works. 

To get the HD 630 perfectly working, go to RehabMan FakePCIID and download Open up USB and create a folder called ‘HD630’ and put FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext (two are in relate folder) and FakePCIID.kext inside the folder. Download Kext Drop and put it in HD630 folder.

And you may need to fix kext permission issue:

sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/*.kext
sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/*.kext

Clean kext cache

sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions && sudo kextcache -u /

Here is what I changed in config.plist:


I found a bug that if I boot the OS with 2 monitors (both HDMI and DP ports are connected) it will have kernel panic and fail to boot. I dig deep and found it’s related to iGPU framebuffer bug with clover bootloader, the only way to fix it is to disable the HDMI output when booting and enable it back after entering Mac OS.

It sounds a bit hard to fix it in BIOS/bootloader level technically, right? Whenever it’s hard to fix in software, try to fix it in hardware. :0)

So I decided to turn off my Philips monitor which connect to HDMI port before I boot and then turn it on after entering Mac OS. Dual monitors (4k + 1080p) works fine! I can buy a graphics card later and this issue will be solved anyway as well.

Keep debugging

My final version of clover config to make this custom mac work is committed to the Github. I debugged a lot and make it stable.

Finally to make i7 7700k works stably in Hackintosh.
It can still be upgraded to 64 GB RAM.
Time to rock!