Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti for Hackintosh

With the iMac Pro launch, Mac OS can support Kaby Lake CPU natively, so I don’t need to spoof my 7700k as 6700k in Hackintosh anymore. 

iMac 2017 also uses Kaby Lake CPU series with the iMac Pro launched.

After updating the Mac OS and clover bootloader for native i7 7700k support, I want to try 1080Ti in Hackintosh with Nvidia web driver as well.

Graphics cards are very expensive nowadays due to bitcoin mining :o(.
Nvidia GTX 1080Ti is installed! I buy an Intel SSD by the way for installing Windows with 4k games :p.
 And, another 4k monitor for gaming work.
Yes! 1080Ti is working fine in Hackintosh!

Note that I need to check Nvidia web driver update before I do any Mac OS update for compatibility, since there is no native Mac product is using GTX 1080Ti.