With the iMac Pro launch, Mac OS can support Kaby Lake CPU natively, so I don’t need to spoof my 7700k as 6700k in Hackintosh anymore.  After updating the Mac OS and clover bootloader for native i7 7700k support, I want to try 1080Ti in Hackintosh with Nvidia web driver as well.... Read More
I got a mission from the boss for the on-site test before the phone and OS product are launched. Some of the phones have a weird bug which is not feasible to debug remotely in Hong Kong with non-technical sales in Mexico. Thus I need to go to the Mexico... Read More
Disclaimer Any custom mac with Hackintosh OS should not be used in the commercial environment, and I have my Macbook Pro for daily work, any hackintosh installation here is just for fun. Assumption I have been checking https://www.tonymacx86.com/ for a few years and installed Mac OS on my old windows laptops... Read More
I like music but never got the chance to learn guitar or piano before. As a beginner, the most difficult part should be the coordination of both hands. I’ve practiced left hand for press the chords and right hand for strumming respectively, but how to do them at the same... Read More
So Joyce Cheng came to our office for advertisement funny video shooting. As an IT guy, it should be none of my business normally. However there was a shooting needs to be taken near my seat, and I was nominated to be in one of the funny video clips with a... Read More