A Trip to Mexico

I got a mission from the boss for the on-site test before the phone and OS product are launched. Some of the phones have a weird bug which is not feasible to debug remotely in Hong Kong with non-technical sales in Mexico. Thus I need to go to the Mexico city to test the whole system and get the shits fixed. Well, just another side of the earth, not a big deal…

Just bring my laptop with some clothes then go! Slipper make the trip more cozy XD.
This mission is very urgent to boss (as you known…everything is urgent), and I don’t even have time to prepare the US visa even for transit, so I choose Tokyo.
During the 12 hours flight from Tokyo to Mexico City, I watch “Interstellar” and find it’s very good to watch on the plane.  
My departure time is 16:35 (JST) on June 27 and arrival time is 13:50 (CST) on June 27.
And “Interstellar” mentions a lot about time, when I watch out the window I feel like I am also on spaceship which is going back to the past.
I’ve been testing a lot on the phone system’s functionality and stability with android team remotely, turn out I find the root cause for the weird bug is due to the package lost in soft sim (roaming sim)! It has a chance that the init api call failed with unstable network environment and the phone OS fall back to use default config file which break everything. 
OK! Bug fixed and time to walk around in this 2k+ elevation region. There are lots of european style building in Mexico City.
And lots of museums about Maya civilization.
On the other side, there are also lots of modern architecture.
I’m Sunny, and of course, I’ll climb to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan :o).
Overall it’s a very nice trip, and Mexico city is very safe (yes, I’m still alive haha…).